Headliners: Patti Wigington, Carrie Leitch, Aaron Leitch, Grey Ghosthawk
Drum Circle: Kelso, Becca and Friends

Samhain 2018 Workshops

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Samhain 2018


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Visionary Scrying with Crystal Balls
Thursday 1pm ~ Water Tent ~ Jason Newcomb

Visionary Scrying with Crystal Balls-Jason will share his three phase strategy for rapidly becoming a visionary with crystals and other scrying devices. He will be bringing a number of crystals but if you have one you should bring it to class because we will be doing a good bit of gazing and it is good to connect with your own crystals. Jason will have a limited number of scrying crystals available for purchase should you become attached to your loaner shewstone.

Tarot Basics and Beyond
Thursday 1pm ~ Spirit Tent ~ Christiana Gaudet

If you are curious about tarot, or a devoted tarotist, this workshop has something for you. Tarot beginners will get a basic overview of tarot structure, traditions and techniques, and will be introduced to the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana. Experienced tarotists will get not only a refresher, but a new understanding and perspective of both the cards and techniques for reading. Bring a tarot deck or buy or borrow one at the workshop.

Intro to Fiber Magick
Thursday 1pm ~ Air Tent ~ Sylph's Breeze ~ Opal Luna

An introduction to Fiber Magick. In this class, we will be working with energy and infusing it into handmade items for use as totems or magickal tools. This workshop includes the materials needed to create the chakra bracelet outlined in the book Fiber Magick.

What’s So Great About the Great Rite?
Thursday 3pm ~ Air Tent ~ Sylph's Breeze ~ Jason Mankey

What’s So Great About the Great Rite? Ask your average Witch about the great rite and they’ll probably respond with something about cups and athames or sex magick. But the great rite is about more than sexual coupling or half-hearted mini-rites before cakes and ale-the great rite is about the union of powerful forces, and most importantly, it’s for EVERYBODY. From the great rite in truth and in token, this is a workshop about sex in the ancient world, wine, magick, and more! It’s all about what’s so great about one of Wicca’s most misunderstood and divisive rites.

Sound Bath Experience
Thursday 3pm ~ Water Tent ~ Undine's Grotto ~ Dru Ann Welch

Bathe yourself in the soothing sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls. Learn a bit about the bowls and how they aid in healing then sit back and enjoy the sounds!



Shift from FEAR to LOVE
Friday 10:30am ~ Fire Tent ~ Salamander's Inferno ~ Dru Ann Welch

Learn the Process to shift from a life of Alternative Realities to a life of Open Vibrant Experiences.

The Magick of Initiations, Elevations, and Dedications
Friday 1pm ~ Earth Tent ~ Gnome's Knoll ~ Jason Mankey

An initiation ritual should be about more than acceptance into a tradition; it should be a transformative moment in the life of the Witch or Pagan receiving it. From ancient Eleusis to Masonic halls around the world, initiation rites have played a significant role in religious and magickal practices for thousands of years. Explore the elements that make up the modern rites of initiation, elevation, and dedication, and the history of such practices around the world. Grow your ritual practice by exploring the power and mystery of these magickal experiences.

Tarot and the Four Elements
Friday 1pm ~ Spirit Tent ~ Christiana Gaudet

The Four Elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, provide the cornerstone of astrology, tarot, and many types of spiritual practice. This hands-on workshop is an exploration into the many way you can work with the Four Elements in your tarot practice, and the many ways the Four Elements can help you understand your tarot cards, and yourself, more clearly. Bring a tarot deck or buy or borrow one at the workshop.

Fiber Magick at Home
Friday 1pm ~ Water Tent ~ Undine's Grotto ~ Opal Luna

In this class, we will be creating a witch's ladder to be hung in our homes for rich blessings. After crafting the ladder we will go on a nature hunt for the rungs.


Astrological Timing for Magical Rituals
Friday 3pm ~ Spirit Temple ~ Jason Newcomb

Timing Rituals -numerous ancient techniques including basic astrological forecasting, lunar phases and positions, the mansions of the moon and the planetary days and hours we will explore a number of methods for aligning your practical magical work with the cosmic cycles.



Tarot Words and Interpretations
Saturday 10:30am ~ Spirit Tent ~ Christiana Gaudet

If a tarot card can mean many different things, how do we know how to interpret the cards in a specific reading? Do we have to memorize card meanings? What if the classic card meaning doesn’t fit in the context of the question?

Whether you are a beginner or advanced tarot reader, chances are you’ve struggled with these questions, and others, as you strive to makes sense of, and find wisdom in, your tarot cards. In this workshop, you will learn some easy-yet-insightful systems for interpreting any combination of cards in any situation. More importantly, you’ll learn to find the way your own intuition and spiritual guidance can lead you to find truth in every tarot reading. Bring a tarot deck or buy or borrow one at the workshop.

Natural Divination
Saturday 10:30 ~ Fire Tent ~ Jason Newcomb

In this fun and experiential class we will explore a number of ways of receiving spontaneous divination from the environment including ornithomancy, omens, augury, and various forms of improvised oracles. Even if you return to your Tarot or Runes after this class, you will get some insight into the practicalities of divination.

Drawing Down the Moon: The Magick & Mystery of Deity
Saturday 10:30am ~ Earth Tent ~ Gnome's Knoll ~ Jason Mankey

The ritual of “Drawing Down the Moon” has become one of the most important and essential rites of Modern Wiccan-Witchcraft, but what do we really know about it? From internal processes to the literary influence of writers such as Dion Fortune and Margaret Murray to the historical practices of traditions such as New Orleans Voodoo, this workshop is an all-inclusive look at one of Witchcraft’s most transformative mysteries.

Knowing Our Mighty Dead
Saturday 3pm ~ Spirit Tent ~ Jason Mankey

Everyone knows names like Gerald Gardner, Cora Anderson, and Doreen Valiente, but what about Sybil Leek, Leo. Martello, Gwydion Pendderwen, and Evan John Jones? “Knowing Our Mighty Dead” is an inside look at some of the most influential, but often overlooked, names in Modern Paganism. Take a tour through our recent history and become acquainted (or reacquainted) with some of our most important pioneers.

Color Healing
Saturday 3pm ~ Water Tent ~ Undine's Grotto ~ Dru Ann Welch

A cool tool for your healing toolbelt. Learn the ins and outs of Chromatherapy or Color Healing

Fiber Magick Saves the World
Saturday 3pm ~ Earth Tent ~ Gnome's Knoll ~ Opal Luna

In this class, I will share my ministry of making plarn (plastic yarn) from grocery bags. The plarn is then crocheted into sleeping mats to be donated to shelters. The mats add a moisture barrier for those who are sleeping outside.




Closing Ritual
11:00am ~ Fire Circle ~ Temple of Earth Gathering


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