Headliners: Patti Wigington, Jason Mankey, Jason Augustus Newcomb
Also appearing: Grey Ghosthawk, Dru Ann
Music: Wendy Rule, Brian Henke - Drum Circle: Kelso, Becca


Visit our Vendors’ Row, located near the Forest Gate and Sanctuary, to visit any of these fine vendors:

Spidersong Flutes:

I try to make a flute that is pleasing to both the ear and the eye. I work in a variety of woods poplar,pecan, mahogany,maple and walnut to name a few. The wood is mostly reclaimed and all were something else coffee tables, dressers, tree branches and pianos. I also carry a selection of sage,singing bowls and traveling diggereidoos More information please contact me at spidersongflutes.com

Munchee's Coney Island:

That classic Coney Island taste has hit the South, and it's sure to take your taste buds on a wild ride! Munchee's Coney Island is bringing over 20 years of culinary experience, and a menu inspired by meals made across the country, right to the heart of Florida in this groovy food truck. If you're looking to get your fix of fantastic eats, then there's absolutely nobody who can beat  Munchee's Coney Island.

You can sign up for their meal plan by visiting: https://squareup.com/store/munchees-coney-island

And check out their Facebook page here: https://m.facebook.com/MuncheesConeyIsland/

Mind's Eye Graphics:

Mind's Eye Graphics is the place for all your fantasy t-shirt needs. We carry a wide range of designs and sizes from small to 5xl.

Mobile Massage by Scott:

Scott is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Reiki Master here to assist you in any way he can. Please book early, as times fill quickly. www.mobilemassagebyscott.com

Nightbird's Journey:

We are your corner supply store with everything from incense to jewelry, divination to statuary. Special orders taken before and after. www.nightbirdsjourney.com

Rainbow Dragon Dreamz

Bringing you tools from the Earth in many forms. We carry crystals, minerals, jewelry, crystal points and spheres of many kinds, altar items, gift items and lots more! Our website should be active soon at www.rainbowdragondreamz.com. you can also reach us at 270-994-6949 or labrysamazon@gmail.com. Bright Blessings to all. Mama Vic

More to come . . .

Feed My Spirit - Meal Plan

The meal plan for FPG Samhain 2016 will be hosted by Feed My Spirit in the Dining Hall. Click here to see the meal plan menu, pricing and ordering.

The cost will be $60 for ages 13 and Up, $30 for kids ages 5-12 and free for kids under 5 with a paying adult. PAYMENT MAY ALSO BE SENT VIA MONEY ORDER. EMAIL FEEDMYSPIRIT@GMAIL.COM FOR THE ADDRESS

We will also offer a la carte meals for sale: $4 each for breakfast, $6 for lunch and $8 for dinner. Salad bar a la carte will be available for $4

All meals will come with beverages: coffee, tea, juice and milk at breakfast. Sweet tea, Iced tea and Lemonade at lunch and dinner. Sodas and bottled water will be available for sale all day.

We will also provide complementary meal delivery for vendors and staff on duty during meal times.

The menu is also Gluten Free Friendly. Please use the Gluten Free Needed option along with your ticket selection to let us know if you need the Gluten Free options.

**WILL WORK FOR FOOD??** Feed My Spirit is looking for a few good people to volunteer 12 hours of their time, during the course of the festival, helping in the kitchen with prep, serving, dishes and clean up in exchange for a free meal plan. Email FeedMySpirit@gmail.com for more info.

If you have any questions about menu items, sign up or payments please email FeedMySpirit@gmail.com


Wednesday Lunch: Sloppy Joes, Tater Tots, Salad Bar, Chicken Noodle Soup Wednesday Dinner: Choice of Spiral Sliced Ham w. Roasted Potatoes or Lemon Pepper Chicken breast w. Rice Pilaf, Green Beans, Salad Bar. Dessert: Milk & Cookies

Thursday Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Sausage, Home Fries, Grits, Oatmeal, Toast, Cereal, Fruit, Cottage Cheese

Thursday Lunch: Baked Potatoes or Nachos both w. assorted toppings, Salad Bar, Split Pea Soup w. Ham

Thursday Dinner: Choice of Roasted Turkey or Salisbury Steak with Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Glazed Carrots, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce, Salad Bar. Dessert: Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie

Friday Breakfast: Biscuits and Sausage Gravy, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Grits, Oatmeal, Toast, Cereal, Fruit, Cottage Cheese

Friday Lunch: Beef Stew and Chicken and Dumplings, Salad Bar.

Friday Dinner: Choice of Seasoned Pork Chops or BBQ Chicken Breasts w. Rice and Corn, Salad Bar. Dessert: Pudding Parfait Cups

Saturday Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Sausage, Home Fries, Grits, Oatmeal, Toast, Cereal, Fruit, Cottage Cheese

Saturday Lunch: Hamburgers and Hot Dogs, Baked beans, Cole Slaw, Corn on the Cob, Salad Bar

Saturday Dinner: Choice of Roast beef and Mashed Potatoes or Chicken Parmesan over Pasta, Salad Bar. Dessert: Brownies

Sunday Breakfast: Everything but the Kitchen Sink...Plus Waffles

Vendor FAQ

1. How do I become a vendor at FPG?

Contact the Vendor Lugal via email at vendor@flapagan.org. Upon acceptance by the Vendor Lugal you will then be expected to register on line or via snail mail to reserve your space on vendor’s row. If you do not receive you confirmation within 15 business days, please email the Vendor Lugal at vendor@flapagan.org.

2. What are the fees involved with being a vendor?

A registration fee of $120.00 until 90 days prior to festival; $130.00 until 60 days prior to festival; $140.00 until 30 days prior to festival can be purchased online. This covers one person and one 10 X 10 space. Any others who accompany you will be required to pay the regular attendee admission at the time of registration. Any additional vending space may be purchased for $25.00 for each additional 10 X10 space.

3. May I have someone come in and help me set up and tear down without paying a fee for them?

Yes you may have someone help you. They are permitted to be on site for no more than 4 hours to help set up and tear down. The vendor Lugal must know their name when you register and they must check in and out at registration. Your helper must follow all FPG rules and no pets are allowed to be onsite with them. If FPG guidelines are not followed the helper will be asked to leave immediately.

4. Does FPG provide any advertising for vendors?

Our vendors may submit a 25 word write up for the handbook and up to 50 words for the website. It must be submitted 90 days prior to the date of the upcoming festival to vendor@flapagan.org. We will post the write up in our handbook and on the website at no charge.

5. Are food vendors permitted?

Fresh food and beverages may only be offered by properly licensed vendors who have the prior approval of the FPG Board of Directors or their designee. However, non-refrigerated, prepackaged and marked for individual resale items may be sold by any vendor.

6. Are electrical hook ups available for vendors?

There are no electrical hook ups with the exception of the licensed food vendors. FPG does provide a charging station for cell phones and other electronic devices which is available at The Spot. Do not leave your electronic devices unattended. Generators are not permitted at the camp except for RVS in the RV Park only.

7. What are vendors prohibited from selling from their booths?

No booth may sell or barter alcoholic beverages. (This includes any purchased or homemade fermented products. Products containing alcohol may not be sold as tincture, recipe, bottle bags, potions, decorative bottle, as a vinegar, etc. ) No tobacco, tobacco products, E-cigarettes and other paraphernalia for tobacco use are permitted to be sold. No firearms, incendiary devices, or any other item prohibited by local, state, or federal laws governing the festival are permitted.

No tattooing, piercing, or any other body modification services are permitted. Face painting, Henna, and temporary tattoos are welcome.

Healers who provide hands on healing (any touching of the client) and receive any compensation, or fee for services, which include gifts, or bartering, must be licensed by the state of Florida.

8. Where do I sleep or camp?

Some vendors tent camp behind or near their booth, BUT most spaces have little or no room behind them for camping. There are many camping areas within a short walk of vendor's row. For those who can camp behind their booths, keep in mind your camping area may not exceed the width of your vending space. Vendors may also reserve cabin bunks that are available for an additional charge. Please inform the Vendor Lugal if you will be bringing an RV. RVs must be parked in the RV Park which is not on vendor’s row.

9. When may I arrive?

Gates open for Vendors at 9am the Wednesday of festival. After you check in at registration the registration staff will direct you to the Vendor Lugal or their assistant, who will then direct you to your assigned space. We recommend you arrive before noon in order to have enough time to set up before the gates open to the rest of the festival participants at 3 PM. If you will be arriving later than 6:00 PM Wednesday please inform the vendor Lugal prior to festival. No vehicles other than golf carts or personal mobility devices are allowed on vendor’s row without an escort or after dark. If you arrive after 6:00 PM you will be asked to park your vehicle in the lot and to return at 9:00 AM to set up your vending site.

*If you have an emergency and will later than you had planned please call 727-479-7213

No Call No Shows: After 12 noon on Thursday, unclaimed vendor spaces will be available for resale. No refunds will be issued unless you call before Wednesday at 9:00 AM.

10. What time do I have to leave on Sunday?

All Vendors must be packed and ready to load your vehicle 12 noon in order to be off site *no later than* 1 PM on Sunday. Your site must be left clean and free of debris of any kind. If we have to clean up after you, there will be a cleaning fee required before you will be able to register for future events. After a second infraction of our rules, you will not be welcome back as a vendor at future festivals.

11. What if I need to leave before Sunday?

If you need to leave before Sunday you must contact the vendor Lugal as soon as you know and arrange to have them or their designee escort you and your vehicle back to vendor’s row to pack out your booth. This must be done before 5 PM on any day. No vehicles other than golf carts or personal mobility devices are allowed on vendor’s row without an escort or after dark.