Headliners: John Beckett, Dru Ann Welch, Grey Ghosthawk
Drum Circle: Kelso, Becca and Friends - Music: TBA

Rules & Tips

Welcome to Florida Pagan Gathering

  • All Festival attendees must show a valid photo ID when they check in.
  • All Festival attendees must wear a wristband at all times. Anyone on site without a wristband will be considered to be trespassing.

Check In: Upon arrival, all Festival attendees are required to check in. During the check in process you will receive your Festival wristband. You must wear your wristband at all times. Lost wristbands can be replaced at registration by showing your ID. Anyone discovered on the Gathering grounds not registered or discovered wearing someone else's wristband will be subject to expulsion from site for trespassing. All minors' wristbands will be marked to identify them as such. You will be escort you off site if you do not have a valid wristband.

  • Gate opens Noon on Wednesday. (9:00 Am for vendors)
  • Check out time is Noon, Sunday
  • Important Times
  • Registration hours on Wednesday are Noon to 9 P.M.
  • Registration hours on Thursday are 9:00 A.M. to 9 P.M.
  • Registration hours on Friday at 9:00 A.M and to 9 P.M. Gates will open at midnight to allow day trip and concert pass guests to depart
  • Registration hours on Saturday at 9:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M. so that all might enjoy the Evening Ritual and Drum Circle, will open again at midnight to allow day trip guests to depart.

Bounced Checks or Un-chargeable Credit/Debit Cards: Pre-registered guests whose payment did not clear will be expected to pay when they check-in on-site. Guests who register on site with checks that bounce or whose cards cannot be charged during the festival will be expected to pay any owed fees before leaving site. Cash or money order will be the only acceptable forms of payment for these guests.

No children under the age of eighteen (18) are allowed on site without the presence of their parent or legal guardian. Each adult has full responsibility for themselves and any minor children in their charge. Any adults who bring minors of friends or family must provide a notarized Letter of Temporary Guardianship from the minor's legal parent or guardian and present it at registration.

Parking Rules:

Guests are given 15 minutes from the time they finish checking in to unload their supplies at their campsite. After 15 minutes, all vehicles must be removed to the parking lot. Any vehicles not moved, after the driver or owner has been requested to do so, will be towed at the owners expense.

Handicap parking is available to those guests who require it. Preference is given to those guests with State issued handicap placard or license plate.

Trolley and Taxi Rules:

No unaccompanied minors may ride the trolley or the taxi. No smoking or open containers permitted on the trolley or the taxi.
Please do not ride around on the trolley just for fun we have mobility impaired people who need this service.

What NOT to bring on site:

Please do not bring firearms or weapons of any kind (ritual tools are allowed).

No illegal substances.

Absolutely no pets or familiars are allowed. Any guest who brings an animal onsite that does not adhere to ADA service regulations will be asked to take the animal home or to a boarding kennel. These are the rules of Retreats by the lake.

The owner of any ADA animal that does not follow ADA behavior guidelines will be asked to remove the animal.

Camera Rules:

Only guests and staff who have registered their cameras may take pictures and then only of people who have given permission for you to photograph them.

This includes Camera Phones and other recording devices.

Be polite and ask people if they wish to have their picture taken. You must ask permission of a child’s parent or legal guardian in order to photograph any child.

Cameras, Camera Phones or other recording devices are NOT allowed in the fire circle area unless you are one of the official FPG Staff Photographers. Absolutely no camera, or other recording devices in the fire circle area after sundown.

Taking pictures of or recording of main ritual is not allowed BEFORE AND DURING the ritual. Anyone wishing to take pictures of the ritual presenters, altars, and guests or staff may do so after the ritual has ended and the circle is released and the ritual presenters have given their permission to do so.

Be polite and ask vendors for permission before photographing anything in their vending tent.

Those who fail to comply with these rules are subject to having their film and/or camera (including camera phone) confiscated to be returned with the images of FPG erased at the end of festival and including, but not limited to, being removed from the event site without a refund

Fire Circle Rules:

Parents or an approved adult guardian must accompany all minors (children age 17 and under) at the drum circle. Parents must be mindful of their child's presence and safety.

Hooping and/or poi spinning must be done in the designated area so as not to disrupt the flow and safety of the dancers.
Acceptable drum circle attire is as follows: if you can wear it on a public, non-clothing optional beach you may wear that and anything more that you are comfortable with.

General Rules:

Please respect the festival grounds and everything on the premises. Leave it cleaner than you found it.  Clean up after yourself in all public areas .  Dispose of trash and cigaettes in approved receptacles.  The ground IS NOT an approved receptacle.

Please do not leave open flames unattended. This means tiki torches, fire bowls, cooking fires, and candles, etc.

No underage drinking allowed. Please do not provide alcohol to guests or staff under the age of 21.

Ground fires are not permitted; all fires must be contained within a fire ring, fire bowl or gril.  All ashes from said items must be disposed of in the aluminum ash cans.

Fires and open flames:

Ground fires are not permitted; all fires must be contained within a fire ring, fire bowl or grill. All ashes from said items must be disposed of in the aluminum ash cans.

Please do not leave open flames unattended. This means torches, fire bowls, cooking fires, and candles, etc.


All attendees and staff are responsible for their own trash. It is expected that all trash will be disposed of at designated trash dumping locations at the Porta Potties. These areas are marked by signs. Please make sure all of your camp trash is securely placed in a trash bag you can tie shut. Trash is picked up after meals. Please leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.

Please pack out recyclables if you are able to. It is good for our environment.

We want to be welcome guests of the site owners and the community we are visiting so failure to abide by these rules is grounds for expulsion from the event and money will not be refunded.

  • TEG Registrations - Ann Marie Augustino 7139 62nd Street North Pinellas Park, FL 33781