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FPG Remembrance Project

FPG Remembrance Project


I wanted to share something that FPG will be doing at our Samhain and Beltain Gatherings. We have dedicated an outdoor workshop area as a place called Ancestor’s Glen. It is a lovely tree shaded area that will be ideal for scrying, meditation, dance, and movement workshops. After all of the losses the past few years of well-respected Pagan elders and community members we felt that we wanted to provide a place to honor them and other festival attendees who have crossed the veil. We will be creating 5x7 wooden plaques with their names, date of birth and date of death. Various crafts persons in our community will be creating these for us and putting a protective coating on them so we can hang them on shepherd’s hooks in the Glen. We are going to do two more things as a way to honor and remember our ancestors. We are welcoming the community to craft plaques of loved ones they wish to honor as well and add them to the Grove. We will also be compiling a book both digitally and hard copy that will have a picture of our honored ancestors and a biography about their lives so they will always be remembered by community.

In the spirit of community we want to also have a history of Florida Festivals, Conventions, and Gatherings. We will be contacting all the known groups and asking them for a history of their event. We will also keep this record both digitally and hard copy and feel it will serve as a history of our early days in creating a strong Pagan community in our state.

We welcome all who wish to join us at Samhain and Beltain to bring your plaques, pictures and biographies as well as your write up about events.

Please email any write ups to tegbod@flapagan.org with Remembrance Project in the subject line.

Ann Marie

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