Headliners: Heron Michelle, Oracle Hekataios, Serendipity Wyrd, Dru Ann
Temperance Alden, Grey Ghosthawk, E. Massey
Drumming: Remi and Friends

Oracle Hekataios:

Oracle Hekataios:
Oracle Hekataios is an active priest, Strix, and oracle of the Goddess Hekate. He is the High Priest and founder of the Temple of Hekate, as well as the High Priest of the Alexandrian Traditional coven of Coven of the Winding Crossroads, both located in Rockledge, Florida. Oracle is also a High Priest (Minos) and founding Elder of the Sons of the Minotaur Grove, a group within the Minoan Brotherhood located in Wilton Manors, Florida. He is an initiate in the NY WICA Trad and in two Druid orders. 
Oracle has devoted his life to the Goddess, and as an interfaith speaker continues his work to bring awareness of Wicca and the Craft to others. He speaks on a variety of topics, and is passionate about ancient Hellenic Mystery cults, magic, and Traditional Witchcraft.
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