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Isaac Bonewits

NPR Story on the Death of Isaac Bonewits from Roger Coleman

Margot Adler, Wiccan priestess and radio journalist for National Public Radio (NPR) has an announcement on NPR of Isaacs’ passing with a some highlights of his life. If you wish to hear it, go to the web radio address of NPR: http://www.npr.org

Click on “All Things Considered” and select August 13 edition. Within that, Margot’s report is entitled:

Isaac Bonewits“Longtime Paganism Leader and Lecturer Dies”

There are a few things I wanted to say about Isaac. I am very sad to see him go and I will miss him as will many others. We lost a very influential Pagan leader and a very humorous lecturer with his passing. Isaac has been a good friend of Iron Oak, helping us when we went through our difficulties with the City during the mid-90’s. He helped us with advice and suggestions that were invaluable both in the case, getting the word out, self-publishing and other areas.

In 1970, Isaac graduated University of California at Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Magic and Thaumaturgy. He authored many books including, Real Magic, 1971 The Druid Chronicles (Evolved), editor and partial author, 1974; Authentic Thaumaturgy, 1978, revised edition 1998 and Rites of Worship: A Neopagan Approach, 2003. He has also released two albums, Be Pagan Once Again and Avalon is Rising. He founded and became the first Archdruid of Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). For those of you who are familiar with the history of Iron Oak, we were first a protogrove of ADF known as the Iron Oak Protogrove.

He is also known for his scholarly approach to Neopaganism. This was his term for Pagan-with-a-capital-‘P’ which helps identify the larger religious movement as a separate identity apart from a pagan religion; a very useful term when one lectures. By taking a professional approach, people unfamiliar with Neopaganism begin to take the religion and its adherents more seriously.

We have all realized that, Wicca, Neopaganism, magic and witchcraft have all been historically both controversial and marginalized. I and, I believe others of you who have participated in discussions within the more professional and academic religious community, have seen a significant reduction of discrimination and hostility toward Neopagan denominations and traditions. Most colleges list Wiccan and Neopagan holidays along with other religious holidays. Military Equal Opportunity Advisors are trained to help military Wiccans and Neopagans. More and more ministers are accepting Wicca and Neopaganism as a religion even if they do not agree with it. Much of this progress has been made by Neopagan leaders and Isaac has been one of the strongest voices in this change in attitude.

Isaac is survived by his wife, Phaedra and his son Arthur Lipp-Bonewits.

Roger Coleman
High Priest
Principal Minister
Church of Iron Oak, ATC

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