Headliners: Judika Illes, Byron Ballard, Christiana Gaudet, Carrie Leitch, Eddie Presley
Music: Brian Henke, Hecate's Wheel - Drum Circle: Kelso, Becca and Friends

Headliner Bios

Judika Illes

Judika Illes fell in love with the magical arts as a child and has been studying them ever since. An independent scholar, her interests include tarot and other forms of divination, astrology, spell-casting, witchcraft, amulets, traditional healing and spirituality, Kabbalah, the Egyptian Mysteries, runes, magical oils and perfumes, mythology, folklore, and fairy tales. Judika is the author of The Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells, The Encyclopedia of Spirits, The Big Book of Practical Spells, Magic When You Need It, Encyclopedia of Witchcraft, The Weiser Field Guide to Witches and the Encyclopedia of Mystics, Saints, and Spirits. She is also the author of The Weiser Field Guide to the Paranormal, published under the alias, Judith Joyce. She is the editor of The Weiser Book of the Fantastic and Forgotten, an anthology of vintage esoteric fiction, as well as the forthcoming (October 2017) Weiser Book of Occult Detectives: 13 Stories of Supernatural Sleuthing. Judika has worked as a professional card reader and spiritual counselor for over two decades. Find her at www.judikailles.com

Byron Ballard

H. Byron Ballard, BA, MFA, is a western North Carolina native, teacher, folklorist and writer. She has served as a featured speaker and teacher at Sacred Space Conference, PantheaCon, Pagan Spirit Gathering, Southeast Wise Women’s Herbal Conference, Glastonbury Goddess Conference, the Scottish Pagan Federation Conference and other gatherings. She is senior priestess and co-founder of Mother Grove Goddess Temple in Asheville, NC where she teaches religious education, as well as leads rituals. She is one of the founders of the Coalition of Earth Religions/CERES, a Pagan non-profit and does interfaith work locally and regionally.

Her writings have appeared in print and electronic media. Her essays are featured in several anthologies, including “Birthed from Scorched Hearts“ (Fulcrum Press), “Christmas Presence“ (Catawba Press), “Women’s Voices in Magic” (Megalithica Books), “Into the Great Below” and “Skalded Apples” (both from Asphodel Press). She blogs as “Asheville’s Village Witch” (myvillagewitch.wordpress.com) and writes as The Village Witch for Witches and Pagans Magazine (witchesandpagans.com/The-Village-Witch), where she is also a regular columnist.

Her pamphlet “Back to the Garden: a Handbook for New Pagans“ has been widely distributed and she has two books on Appalachian folk magic-- “Staubs and Ditchwater: an Introduction to Hillfolks Hoodoo” (Silver Rings Press) and “Asfidity and Mad-Stones” (Smith Bridge Press). “Embracing Willendorf: a Witch’s Way of Loving Your Body to Health and Fitness” is due out in April 2017 from Smith Bridge Press. Byron is currently at work on “Earth Works: Eight Ceremonies for a Changing Planet” and “Gnarled Talisman: Old Wild Magic of the Motherlands”. Contact her at www.myvillagewitch.com or info@myvillagewitch.com

Singer/songwriter and wanderlust Mama Gina feels most at home when she can feel the earth beneath her feet and taste the freedom of the open sky. With down-to-earth, bluesy vocals, a bit of humor, and straight-ahead, rhythmic, acoustic guitar, she tells the true stories that fall into her head and heart. She sings of life, death and rebirth. She sings of holding on and letting go. She speaks to the Gods and Goddesses and they speak back. She sings their stories as they become her own. She sings of her spiritual connection to the natural world, and of our responsibility to nurture both the mundane and the magical. When she is not performing, you just might find her camping in the woods seeking inspiration from the earth beneath her feet and the vast, open sky. Please visit www.reverbnation.com/mamagina to hear songs from her CD “Goddess Kiss’d.” Mama Gina is the author of "Tarot Spreads, Threads, and Mandalas" and shares her love of music, magic, Tarot, Kaballah, and God/dess inspired polymer clay art at festivals, workshops and classes wherever she roams. Contact Mama Gina at mnemosyne7@hotmail.com.

Carrie Leitch

Carrie Leitch is an artist, magician, and teacher located in West Central Florida.  For more than twenty years, she has studied and practiced multiple traditions and religions, and is an adept member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

Eddie Presley

Eddie Presley has been practicing Wicca since 2012. He is an initiated first-degree in the tradition of Iron Oak and ATC. He is a member of the Coven of the Liminal Path, a Coven of the Quill, Sword & Chalice; Iron Oak and ATC traditions. His current magickal focus is divination through automatic writing and working with elementals and genus loci. He is the author of the Dance of All Beings Cycle, a series of fiction titles, the first two of which are currently available through Portals Press.

Brian Henke

Known as the guru of finger style guitar, Brian Henke is a self-taught guitarist, composer. Brian Henke finds inspiration mainly from nature, but also from his own human reaction to the divine in everything around and within us.

Hecate's Wheel

Hecate’s Wheel is Vicki Scotti, & LuAnn Morris. The women have been singing together in the Tampa Bay area for many years. The ladies deliver outstanding vocal harmonies while telling tales of the Goddess, love and life. The addition of Astarte Moondancer, complements their melodies with her interpretive style of sacred dance.

Becca and Kelso

Nightly drum circles with the Becca, Kelso and friends! Features inclusive drum rhythms that every level of drummer, from the new comer to the experienced can participate in. Dancers, and those who just want to sit back and enjoy the rhythm and community are all welcome. Bring your drums and flow toys; you're going to want them.

Kelso was born and raised in Buffalo. He  has always been in love with music. At eight years old he started playing drums. He first found the djembe over 20 years ago after one of his best friends Miguel , visited Starwood for the first time and brought home a djembe and "a jungle man" named Freedom"(no really) who build and gifted Kelso his first Djembe. Kelso instantly fell in love with the djembe the first time he put his hands on it, and has been playing it ever since. He’s drummed at Sirius Rising, Starwood, Heartland, Hawkfest, FPG, Phoenix Phyre, May Moon, Rowan Fest, ESA, CMA, Stones Rising, Witch Stock, Freedom Fest and so many more, just to play with the best. He has had the privilege to learn and play with some of the most talented drummers in the world He’s played alongside musicians such as Nightawk, Ginger Doss, Linda Millard, (Dream Tribe) Nighthawk Spoonfed Tribe (at Heartland),  Bekah Kelso as well as several African masters including Dr. Djo Bi He understands the inner workings of the drum physically, mentally spiritually and energetically. His energy and love for the drum circle and the community led him to start putting on workshops, not just for the adults but for the children as well (they are the future of our community) and he loves to teach and share what he has learned along his journey with the drum.