Headliners: Heron Michelle, Oracle Hekataios, Serendipity Wyrd, Dru Ann
Temperance Alden, Grey Ghosthawk, E. Massey
Drumming: Remi and Friends

Grey Ghosthawk

Grey Ghosthawk is the HP of the FOUR WINDS LODGE, a Temple of the Sacred Path, ATC. A teacher and ceremonialist that has been on the Native Path for some 20 years, studying and learning from numerous elders of many tribes and traditions. Apprenticed to a Metis medicine man for 12 years, Grey has learned many healing modalities and been given rights to perform certain Rituals including Sweat Lodge, Vision Quest, Full Moon Ritual, and others. He does healing circles making use of many techniques such as massage, Stone Healing, Chakra balancing, aroma, Reiki, reflexology, and others to help people find a balanced energy in their lives. Has been working with Moksha Magic, a Sex Magic technique, for the past 5 years and has facilitated many circles using this to heal and generate energy for the well being of all. He does Native beadwork and custom leatherwork and has been actively teaching workshops on various Native topics for the past several years.

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