Headliners: Patti Wigington, Carrie Leitch, Aaron Leitch,
Oberon Zell, Grey Ghosthawk, Dru Ann Welch
Drum Circle: Kelso, Becca and Friends - Music: Hecate's Wheel

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a bicycle? Yes, as a matter of fact, most of the park is designated pedestrian traffic only and a bike makes good sense for quicker personal transportation.

Description of Cabins: There are 6 small cabins that sleep 10 people each. They all have electricity. Please clean up after your clutter as this is shared space. Sorry no eating or cooking, no coffee pots, no crock pots, not fry pans, no toasters, no personal refrigerators. If you are an early riser, before 8 AM, be very quiet as you change, use a personal flashlight instead of turning on overhead lights. If you get in after 11:00 PM please use your personal flashlight to enter the cabin and prepare for bed. If you like to get up early or stay up late and chat bring a screen room to set up outside. No smoking, no incense, no candles or anything flamey in the cabins per camp rules.

Is electricity available? Sorry, campsites and vendor spaces are primitive only. If you have a medical need such as Cpap, or power chair you must be in either cabin 1 or 2 or if you are camping in a tent use the outlet in the restroom to charge your chair or CPAP.

Can I bring a pet? Sorry, the park does not allow pets of any kind.

Can I prepare my own food?Yes, at your campsite (primitive campsites are included with admission), outside your cabin or in the Lodges, using full safety precautions, of course. Also, please put your food away in coolers or storage containers with some serious closing mechanism –  raccoons really like people food and can smell them from outside your tent walls. You wouldn't want to wake up to find one of them tearing through your tent walls for the bag of Cheetos or a bunch of banana's stored in the tent

No vehicles are allowed at your campsite, or cabin the only exception is for handicap cabin one and two only one vehicle for each cabin. You must move your vehicle to the parking area after you unload your gear. We recommend you bring a wagon to transport drums and chars and little one to fire circle at night. If you have severe mobility issues and a personal power chair we recommend you bring that as most our buildings and locations are easily accessible to them.

There is no swimming in the pond.

Quieter camping sites. You will find a few spots marked on the map. Please note that we can not guarantee absolute quiet but the noise will be less where you are. No drumming, loud music or loud talking in this area.

  • TEG Registrations - Ann Marie Augustino 7139 52nd Street North Pinellas Park, FL 33781