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Nybor and Elspeth

Grandmother Elspeth and Nybor

Coming, as they do, from different backgrounds – Elspeth from the Deep South, of Irish, Welsh and Native American stock and Nybor born in the upper Midwest, of Norse, Dutch and Irish extraction – they bring a variety of spiritual strands to be woven into their teachings. Together, Nybor and Elspeth are creating the Haven Way, a spiritual path of personal and planetary transformation. They see it as more than a "path" (a direction in which to move). More to the point, the Haven Way is a practice ((a moment-to-moment, day-by-day manner of being on this Earth).

Their newest joint project is "Teach at the Beach", a one week, residential opportunity for a limited number to share and learn in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. It is held on the Barrier Islands of N.C. in October each year.

Nybor is an internationally honored artist; as well as a healer, teacher, pastoral counselor, spiritual theorist, self-taught ritual magician, and a hermit at heart! His art has appeared on national logos, in Science Fiction and Pagan publications, and many paintings and portraits. In 2001 he completed a 30+ year project: self- publishing "The Nybor Tarot Deck and Book", thereby producing a divination system in keeping with our current culture and level of thought.

As a ritual magician he is working on a theory of metaphysics, which will reveal a new way of looking at the relationship within and between the astral and physical worlds. In spite of his own reluctance, he can be found at a few festivals each year. There he teaches, counsels andas functions as Elder for many. He has been named Elder in several communities as well as for the various Guardian groups, and as such is available to the Neo- Pagan movement as a resource.

In between, he keeps the home base in beautiful West Virginia functioning, the fur persons happy, and a candle burning for Elspeth whenever she is traveling!

Few of our cultural elders in America ever reach the status of "Living Legend" but 80 year old Elspeth seems to have done so. Her reputation for honest advice and earth based wisdom draws throngs of people to gather in her teaching circles, as she travels around the country, weaves tales, startles with her homespun humor and heals with her powerful journeys of the spirit.

Author of the beloved poem "The Challenge", and creator of the long- awaited CD "Out of the Forest," Elspeth has been conducting workshops on spiritual growth and enrichment since 1991. Opinionated and outspoken, she is a great-grandmother, environmentalist, healer, teacher, pastoral counselor, shamanic practitioner, and irrepressible storyteller. As an honored elder in the Neo-Pagan movement, she is a living example of the timeless truths that she teaches.

Elspeth, frequently called "The Crone on the Road," is known for her mesmerizing voice, which seems to come from a distant time and place, as much as for what she has to say. Her workshops reflect her primary concerns: stewardship of the earth, the under-recognized value of older women, the integral relationship between humanity and other beings, and the power of the individual to alter reality by power of will.

Websites: http://www.elspethofhaven.com/index.html & http://www.nyborart.com/

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