Headliners: John Beckett, Dru Ann Welch, Grey Ghosthawk
Drum Circle: Kelso, Becca and Friends - Music: TBA

Becca and Kelso

Nightly drum circles with the Becca, Kelso and friends! Features inclusive drum rhythms that every level of drummer, from the new comer to the experienced can participate in. Dancers, and those who just want to sit back and enjoy the rhythm and community are all welcome. Bring your drums and flow toys; you're going to want them.

Kelso was born and raised in Buffalo. He  has always been in love with music. At eight years old he started playing drums. He first found the djembe over 20 years ago after one of his best friends Miguel , visited Starwood for the first time and brought home a djembe and "a jungle man" named Freedom"(no really) who build and gifted Kelso his first Djembe. Kelso instantly fell in love with the djembe the first time he put his hands on it, and has been playing it ever since. He’s drummed at Sirius Rising, Starwood, Heartland, Hawkfest, FPG, Phoenix Phyre, May Moon, Rowan Fest, ESA, CMA, Stones Rising, Witch Stock, Freedom Fest and so many more, just to play with the best. He has had the privilege to learn and play with some of the most talented drummers in the world He’s played alongside musicians such as Nightawk, Ginger Doss, Linda Millard, (Dream Tribe) Nighthawk Spoonfed Tribe (at Heartland),  Bekah Kelso as well as several African masters including Dr. Djo Bi He understands the inner workings of the drum physically, mentally spiritually and energetically. His energy and love for the drum circle and the community led him to start putting on workshops, not just for the adults but for the children as well (they are the future of our community) and he loves to teach and share what he has learned along his journey with the drum.

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