Main Ritual

Main Ritual - Ride with the Wild Hunt - Presented by Synergy Circle

Saturday ~ 8:00pm ~ Fire Circle

The Teutonic god Woden, or Odin, in his guise of wind-god, was thought to be rushing through the skies astride his eight-legged steed. As it was thought that the souls of the dead were wafted away on the winds of a storm, Odin became regarded as the leader of all disembodied spirits - the gatherer of the dead.

In southern England, it was Herne the Hunter who led the hunt. Herne is the horned god of the Celts, known also is the master of the Wild Hunt. He has associations with prosperity and fertility. He is the leader of the Rade and gathers the energies of the souls of the dead. for entry into the Summerland and rebirth.

It is not a question of IF the Wild Hunt will come for you, taking you to the World of Faerie, the Otherworld, or Heaven (as you like), but WHEN.

This ritual was inspired by Ann Moura's Meditation called "A Ride With The Wild Hunt" in Green Witchcraft II.

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Wednesday 8:00 p.m. Opening ritual at Drum Circle

Thursday 7:00 p.m. Dining Hall - Meet & Greet - Come ready to mingle and have a fun time!

Friday 8:00 p.m. Dining Hall.– Concert with Brian Henke

Saturday Night 8:00 PM - Main Ritual

Sunday 10:00 AM - Closing Ritual at Drum Circle

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Oracle Hekataios is the author of "Strix Craft: ...

Oracle Hekataios is the author of "Strix Craft: Ancient Greek Magic for the Modern Witch," ...

Vendors - Vendor FAQ


At Spidersong Flutes, I try to make a flute that is pleasing to both the ear and the eye. I work in a variety of materials, bone, horn, synthetics, woods poplar, pecan, mahogany, maple and walnut to name a few. The wood is mostly reclaimed and all were something else; coffee tables, dressers, tree branches and pianos. I also carry a selection of sage, water and slide whistles, singing bowls and traveling didgeridoos More information please contact me at (407) 968-8054 or my website spidersongflutes

Dark Arts Artificers

Michele Smith-Martin (registered) - Dark Arts Artificers is a Co-Op of Makers and Crafters specializing Pagan, Sci-Fi and Fantasy themed items. We offer 3D printed Ritual Items, Key Chains, Figurines, Salt Scrubs and handmade products. Dark Arts Artificers also sell Resin Cups/Mugs along with Fidget and Sensory Toys.


Join me, Willow, in my magical shop. I have Cloaks, Drums, Clothing, Pentacle and Witch Hats, all for you. I also carry Incense, Chalice's, and a wide variety of assorted mystical Items that will assist you in your ritual and spell making efforts.


I make handcrafted festival wear that is made from upcycled rayon sarongs and other natural fibers. Made in a "One Size Fits Most" that will fit the plus size folk.


Looking for something esoteric? Want to rediscover an old favorite? Searching for something you aren't sure of? Our eclectic bookshop is full of forgotten classics, rare small press, second hand favorites and recent discoveries. Books, pamphlets, posters, antiques, paintings and one of a kind items. Uniqfinds for a Uniqyou.

Jeane Rowe Palmistry

Jeane Rowe Palmistry - Has been doing Palm readings for the Kansas City Renaissance Festival for the past 13 years. "Rub the lamp and the Jeane comes out".

Opal Luna

Opal Luna is a Crone, Priestess of Minerva, and Fiber Magickian. She is the author of Fiber Magick, a witch's guide to spellcasting using crochet, knotwork, and weaving. Her Super Power is making things with strings.


Karl the Drum Guy is a builder and player of drums. He works in metal and wood to bring the boom boom to the people. He also makes a mighty fine mead.

The Frisky Faun

The Frisky Faun sells pagan-related wares from around the world, including cloaks, blankets, bags, hats, tarot decks, smudging bundles, and other miscellaneous items. She brings wares that she herself finds happiness in, to spread her joy throughout the land.

Dawn Rose

Welcome to our shop filled with uniquely witchcrafted wares, with an array of carefully curated ritual tools and supplies for the modern eclectic witch and those that need a little more magic in their life. From Crystals to oils to some smudging sticks we have covered.


"Whimsy is enthusiasm that refuses to defend itself with practicality." Crowns and Crafts, Costumes and Clothes, up-cycled, recycled, and sometimes handmade.....

Myriad Fae Creations

I make costume pieces, decorative crafts, and polymer clay sculptures all fantasy oriented. You can see my work on my Facebook page, Myriad Fae Creations. The shop will also feature the works of 4 independent fantasy fiction authors.

Celora Bosson
Madonna Best & Ruby
Rachel - Greenman herbals
Kathi Wahls


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