Headliners: Patti Wigington, Carrie Leitch, Aaron Leitch,
Grey Ghosthawk, Dru Ann Welch
Drum Circle: Kelso, Becca and Friends - Music: Hecate's Wheel

Celebrating 24 years of Florida Pagan Gathering

Beltaine 2019

One Community Connecting All Paths

May 1 - 5,  2019

Maddox Ranch 2211 W Bella Vista Road, Lakeland off Interstate 4, at Exit 31

FPG welcomes you to five days of spirituality and community building! Set up camp, commune with nature, relax,

visit the vendors, attend meet and greet, drum circle, workshops, and rituals.

Announcement - Our previous site is under construction and not renting to over night events during this time


Patti Wigington,Carrie Leitch, Aaron Leitch, Grey Ghosthawk, Dru Ann Welch

Drum Circle

Kelso, Becca and Friends


Hecate’s Wheel

Maddox Ranch 2211 W Bella Vista Street, Lakeland, FL 33810

is conveniently located just a few miles from I-4 exit 31. Google Maps shows the festival's entrance at the owner's driveway. You may NOT use this entrance. The correct festival entrance is the next driveway to the right on the map, there are sand pits along the road and it will be marked with an FPG Banner.

Tents, RVs, pop ups, camping trailers are permitted but there are no power, water hook ups, or dump stations available.

Generators are permitted.

If you are in a RV, camper, or using a generator the area for you to camp in will have limited choices.

Featured Events
  • Wednesday Night - Opening Ritual at the Fire Circle at 8 PM
  • Thursday Night – Meet and Greet
  • Community Center - Coffee, tea, games, post notices, a place to gather and meet friends old and new
  • Friday Evening Concert - Heckate’s Wheel (concert pass available)
  • Saturday Night Main Ritual – Alyiah and friends/li>
  • Workshops and Healing Circles hosted by our Headliners and local Pagan teachers
  • Children’s, Men, and Women's group events, Rites and workshops
  • Kid's Realm with workshops, crafts and activities
  • Shop for Pagan crafts, wares, gifts and books on Vendor's Row
  • Sunday 10:00 AM- Closing Ritual at drum circle
Pagan Scholarship Pagans helping Pagans Scholarship - Click Here

Due to the generosity of our community and staff we have a scholarship fund for those guests who need help with their cost of admission to FPG. We currently have one scholarship available for one admission to FPG.

If you are in need of financial assistance for your admission please email the board at tegbod@flapagan.org and let us know that you need help.

Our scholarships are funded by donations from guests and staff members. Anyone who would like to donate to either fund may do so on the electronic registration form or you may mail in a check or money order to FPG 7139 62nd St N, Pinellas Park FL 33781.


Registration is now OPEN! Click here for more info or email Bobbi Jo at register@flapagan.org

After you register please email any special requests to register@flapagan.org. There is no guarantee that your request can be granted, all requests are first received first granted.

Registration Prices:

Full Event: Adult - $75

Full Event: Child - $20

Kids Under 5 - Free

Vendor 10x10 space- $110 for space and one admission

Full Event includes tent camping and all events, concert and workshops.

Weekend Passes:

Adult: $65

Child: $20

Kids Under 5 - Free

Weekend Passes start 9am on Friday, and includes tent camping and all events, concerts and workshops

Day Passes:

Adult: $35

Child: $10

Kids Under 5 - Free

Day Passes are valid from 9am to Midnight and do not include camping.

Concert Passes:

Adult: $20

Child 5-17: $10

Child under 5: Free

Concert Passes are valid from 6 pm to Midnight and do not include camping.


Contact Us Form: Click here

General Infomation: Ann Marie - 727-479-7213

Email: Tegbod@flapagan.org

Snail Mail: FPG 7139 62nd St N, Pinellas Park FL 33781

Staffing Info

Want to be a bigger part of making FPG happen? Staff positions of all varieties are always available! Please email Medea at staffing@flapagan.org for more information.

To apply for a staff position, please fill out the Online Application found here.

Staff Scholarships - Seva and Robert Baiardi Memorial Scholarships - Click Here

If you are in need of financial assistance for your staff admission please email the board at tegbod@flapagan.org and let us know that you need help. Only two scholarships are available at this time.

Some positions include:

  • Site
  • Fire
  • Gunga Dins
  • Gate
  • Registration
  • Drum Staff

Words from a Volunteer:
"I love FPG and what it stands for and admire all of you who work hard to make it run so smoothly and would love a chance to be part of that team"

Directions, Stores, Photos & Workshops

Workshops slots still available! Please sign up to present a workshop before September 10th for Samhain or March 10 for Beltaine by emailing workshop@flapagan.org

Click here for Directions and Stores

Look at some really cool pictures from our last festival under "Photo Archive"

Main Ritual - Presented by: Ayliah and Friends

Many pagans believe that the earth is a living organism. Across the face of the earth there are lines of energy that connect many of the ancient sacred sites. These lines extend all across the earth reaching into all lands, connecting all religious paths. There is a Celtic mythical goddess who rules over these ley lines, a Deer Goddess called Elen of the Ways, and her lines of power connect all pagan paths. In this ritual, we explore how all paths are connected, in one earth community, one world tribe, all coming together to relight the fires of Beltane.

Meet and Greet - Everyone is welcome to the Mos Eisley Cantina Grand Opening!!

Join Racdeer Landing for Meet and Greet as they celebrate the grand opening of the new location of the Mos Eisley Cantina, the most wretched hive of scum and villainy. Costumes are encouraged but not required. Come right in and find a seat, relax, sit back and enjoy Star Wars inspired drinks and snacks while playing a round of trivia, a hand of poker as well as sabacc. Enjoy meeting star wars inspired characters and villains. One never knows when a traitorous story will unfold.

  • Ann Marie Augustino 7139 52nd Street North Pinellas Park, FL 33781